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Private Surf Lesson

Learn to Surf LA private surf lessons in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Manhattan Beach, and Malibu



Get a thorough and personalized introduction to surfing with your own instructor in our Private lessons. Ages 5 and up. There is no more effective way to learn to surf than by having the undivided attention of a professional instructor to guide you through the pitfalls and get you up and riding your own waves. You’re pretty much guaranteed to get up on your first lesson. Or, for a more thorough introduction to surfing, our Private Surf Lesson Packages might be more suited to your needs.

In successive lessons, our students learn how to turn, how to read and select waves, techniques to paddle out through the break, how to best maneuver the board, timing, ettiquite, tides and other factors affecting wave quality, and more. In general, most people get a solid basic intro in a 3 lesson pakage, and are able to consistently catch waves and stand on their own. In a 5 lesson package, most are able to turn fairly consistently after catching a wave. After a 7 lesson package, many are able to identify a rideable open-face wave, and have moderate success at maneuvering themselves into position to catch it. Let us help you take your surfing to the next level!

We book the surf lessons to fit your schedule, and all equipment is provided. Lessons are provided in all locations. Surf lessons are 1 hour and 45 minutes long and include all the equipment.

Private Surf Lesson

Pricing & Packages

Private Surf Lessons – Prices are Per Lesson
 1 Surfer2 Surfers3 SurfersAdditional Surfers
One Lesson (Online Discounted Rate)$160 ($130)$280 ($220)$380 ($290)+$100 (+$70 each)
Basic Package (3 - 4 Lessons)$120$200$260+$60 each
Gold Package (5 - 6 Lessons)$115$190$245+$55 each
Premium Package (7+ Lessons)$110$180$230+$50 each
Please Note - Online Discounted Rates are valid ONLY for bookings made online via our online portal. Not valid for any bookings made via phone or third party agents.