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Stand Up Paddle Board Lesson


If you’d like to take a mellow cruise down the coast on a stand up paddle board, maybe trail a pod of dolphins for a while and catch a few waves along the way, then try a Stand Up Paddle Board Lesson with us!


Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP) has its origins in Hawaii, is more equipment intensive but more mellow than conventional surfing. It is also a great core workout. Our stand up paddle boards are very stable and great to learn on. All the equipment is included in the lesson – stand up paddle surfboard, wetsuit and stand up paddle.


In your first stand up paddle lesson, you can expect to get an orientation on shore covering SUP basics: how to get up, where to position yourself on the board, proper paddle technique, turning, and how to paddle past the break. In subsequent lessons, depending on your skill level, we cover more advanced maneuvers including actually catching waves on a stand up paddle board!

Stand Up Paddle Board Surf Lesson

Pricing & Packages

SUP Surf Lessons – Prices are Per Lesson
 1 Surfer2 SurfersAdditional Surfers
One Lesson (Online Discounted Rate)$180 ($150)$320 ($270)+$120 each (+$100 each)
Basic Package (3 - 4 Lessons)$130$220+$90 each
Gold Package (5 - 6 Lessons)$120$205+$85 each
Premium Package (7+ Lessons)$110$190+$80 each
Please Note - Online Discounted Rates are valid ONLY for bookings made online via our online portal. Not valid for any bookings made via phone or third party agents.